Between Hitler’s Faith And Himmler’s Fear

In the, Satan’s cradle, German dream
Defined, the destiny, of new age
His messiahs, were, meant, to redeem
Aryan race, from, ethnic outrage!

Both rose, from the dust, of same, disdain
That, a lost World War, bestowed, their pride
When two, mean mad men, summed up, their pain
Their hate, left, humanity, mortified!

From a, quiescent quest, to a, cold conquest
Two hearts, leapt out, to baptize world
In the holocaust, of their, bad blood-fest
Those screams, were loudest, which weren’t heard!

They’d sold, their souls, to a delusion
Their future, had, its cross, to bear
Germans, paid the price, of whose, ambition
Between, Hitler’s Faith, And, Himmler’s Fear

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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