A Samba Too Soon …

Wherein, baring skin, is akin, to sin
And life, is a, sacred schizophrenia
Who dared, to dig out, shame’s coffin
To blaspheme, faith, in, fear’s utopia!

Who breached, a, paranoid pilgrimage
With an orgy, of, Brazilian impudence
In the throes, of piety, and rites, of modern age
A state, squirms in, newfound existence!

Black Gold, below, Faith’s Throne, above
And a quest, to outpace, world’s growth-race
Between, Free-Economy, and, Free-Love
Faith’s Land, fears of, losing its face!

Lest, the two ages, don’t reconcile
Who cares, if, carefree souls, swoon
Regale, in revelry, they revile
Who begrudge, ‘A Samba, Too Soon … !

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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