When Faith Trounced Fear On A Christmas Day

Stagnant stalemate, of, Chess of Hate
At last, seemed, the truth, alas, not a lie
“Celebrate Christmas, in this, stalemate!”
Cherished chagrin, of, who longed to die!

“By Christmas Day, World War, would end!”
Never trust, politicians, never ever, their vows
Benign are, these ‘fiends’, our blood, who spend
Than, those ‘friends’, who, send us, to gallows!

Let a Christian, heal, a Christian’s, heart
On this, Christmas day, may, no one bleed
In this truce, between, Bonaparte, and Mozart
May men, reavow, the holy, human creed!

We ditched, deep trenches, of our fear
To be, one with, the faith, of God
Leaving, miles behind, rancor’s souvenir
Why we bear, the cross, of a, political fraud!

Who dare, sanctioned, that Christmas Truce
To lose, blood-bought, vantage, at war!
Hearts saw, pure love, thru mind’s, maze of ruse
In the, soul of fear, faith’s metaphor!

Dark night, of, profound enigma
Was lit up, like a, Christmas tree
When brothers, rejoiced, patriots’ stigma
In the throes, of death, life’s rhapsody!

The fête, did end, first blood, did spill
Men were, men again, in their, mean melee
Not the wars, lost, nor won, what time, reminisces still
When Faith, Trounced Fear, On A, Christmas Day!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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