Lost In The Haze Of Mortar Maze

Dare I call, this awe, a miasma
Bedizened, to bone, beauty’s blast
Where life, is a, lingering enigma
A delusion, born, to ever last!

When spilled out, crude, from the womb, of earth
A desert’s dream, redeemed, its worth
Still, is a mirage, this oasis
Who live, here, an existential, crisis!

“You are, here, by choice”
My, schizophrenia, cries
By Rolls Royce, comes my, each invoice
As I pay, the price, of living, lavish lies!

Bought VISA, from, my passport, wails
The pain, of, estrangement’s, malaise
Amidst, a flock of, fawning quails
Lost In, The Haze, Of Mortar Maze!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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