Whose Shadow Lingers In The Mist

Last day, of fall, baptized by dew
A widow died, to be born, new bride
Lasting tears, of, soulful adieu
Yet, left again, me mystified!

That yearning, will still, last, till spring
That spills, lost love, of daffodils
Old tryst, with pain, with bliss, new fling
Drips down, the waiting, window-sills!

I search, my soul, thru, endless fog
Is this, mirage, my pilgrimage
O’er walls, of fear, a faith, agog
Stares at graffiti, of a, passing age!

My nirvana, is this, estrangement
Utopia of, world-spent, Alchemist
Ain’t I, beyond, life’s sacrament
Whose Shadow, Lingers, In The Mist!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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