A Pilgrimage To The Womb Of Time

What lay, beyond this, deep, dark shroud
Wherein, cipher begot, our origin
When space, time, matter, avowed aloud
Immortal vim, of, life’s mortal sin!

We endeavored, for eons, to see
The cradle, of, our existence
Where began, the cosmic, rhapsody
The quest, of human, transcendence!

Beyond, our intellect’s, conjecture
Beauty, of faith, redeemed, its fear
Who’s in, whose hands, whose caricature
At last, it’s time, to lay, myths bare!

Could we, be scions, of happenstance
A paradox’s, perfect, paradigm
Let’s break, the barriers, of distance
In A Pilgrimage, To The, Womb Of Time!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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