What’s A Faith Beyond Its Propaganda !

Some faiths, ‘stagnate’, some ‘propagate’
Whose trait, is to, trample, to grow
For the birth, of a myth, they celebrate
Every year, a, “Dog And Pony Show”!

In its cradle, who, foresaw its death
Lest it fail, to muster, believers
It went, on crusades, with the shibboleth
“Our Messiah bleeds, fighting, your fears”!

First World, Second World, Third World, it won
Thanks to, Holy Henchmen, of Vatican
Faith found, its fanatic, dimension
In estrangement, with its, compassion!

Still baptizes, with a, ‘heretic’s’ gore
Holy Herd, a pompous, paranoia
What’s a truth, without, myth’s metaphor
What’s A Faith, Beyond, Its Propaganda!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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