‘Faith’s’ Regime Run By Satan’s Team

Holy Hate’s war, won, Fanatic Faith
Old terrorists, are, new alchemists
With a fate, to fear, their Sharia’s wraith
Afghan ethos, barely, exists!

All brainwashed, in, schools of jihad
The who’s whos, of the, Dreaded-League
Now flaunt fear, under, faith’s façade
To the world, aghast, by their intrigue!

How Holy Henchmen, govern, faith’s fief
With piety, power, prejudice, and pride
Their misogyny, is beyond, bigoted belief
To control, their harems, who in, scriptures hide!

Nothing, more than, purebred machismos
This faith, is, mankind’s, mean esteem
Blessed by God, in, estrangement’s throes
Faith’s’ Regime, Run By, Satan’s Team!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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