The Longest Shadow Of A Man

I chase, each inch, beyond a mile
Of, my dreams, baptized by, tears of sun
I stand alone, an, estranged isle
In the search, of my, mystic dimension!

Whilst, faith in time, slips out, of my fist
God’s, holy fear, fills, in that cipher
Amidst, lurid herd, a wearied alchemist
Resents, his ‘empty’, endeavor!

What sweats out, is fuel, of my soul
I’m born, to die, then rise again
My phantom, pays too, eternal toll
The bane, of bliss, at the price, of pain!

Twilight, melts me, in trinity
O’er shambles, of, my caravan
Does dread, dominion, of divinity
The Longest, Shadow, Of A Man!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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