The “Angry White Man” Enigma

To whom, belongs, American Dream!
That ethos, of, lost colony!
Every race, battles to, now redeem
From, that legacy, their, estranged destiny!

Who bought, Black slaves, to farm, their fate
Now lament, their sold, entitlement
Which had, made them, “Messiahs of Hate”
And Black S(k)in, a racial, sacrament!

Did, Floyd revive, that, Ku Klux Klan
And BLM, a lost, ethnic war
Capitol Hill, fell, to an, outraged clan
Why Rittenhouse, won, ‘Hero’s’ metaphor!

Black ‘piety’, dares, White ‘anxiety’
“We’ve rid, our S(k)ins, of White stigma”
Will bleed, a, severed society
The, “Angry White Man”, Enigma!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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