A Tryst With Delusional Dreams

What heaved, in sight, was it, utopia
Beyond, fog of, haunting despair
Or, one more, tryst with, dystopia
Awaits, our fate, with, faith in fear!

The isle, that once, reigned, o’er us
We seek, from her, new existence
Li(f)e can’t, be a lie, more obnoxious
Nor truth’s, pawn of, political pretense!

Squall hurls, our dinghy, in dark dread
Alas, no beacon, leads us, to shore
Hope flirts, with our, pursuit, of holy bread
Death seems, to be, life’s, stark metaphor!

World views, aghast, our teary grave
When, death redeems, our, souls’ last screams
More pain’s pilgrims, sail off, to brave
A Tryst, With, Delusional Dreams!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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