A Conquest That Began With A Quest

Those starry eyes, that sought, True North
From, bright mystique, of, that star, in dark
Would leave, past’s fear, and thence, set forth
On a search, for self, to never disembark!

In rootlessness, who found, their roots
Where, met caravans, to, never part
Little hamlets, paved way, to pursuits
Of a utopia, two worlds, apart!

That species, now, is a, digital race
Sold out, to ML, and AI
Amid grandeur, and, ethnic disgrace
It forsakes truth, for a, glorious lie!

New True North, has, led us, beyond
Faith’s fortitude, from, bygone bequest
We lost ourselves, to a, myth profund
A Conquest, That, Began, With A Quest!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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