When Daffodils Bloom On Tranquil Hills

What lay, inert, in, moorland’s heart
A dream, consumed, in rhapsody
Of the, lasting elegy, of Mozart
Rejoicing, life’s, immortal spree!

August-us nurtured, with his, tears
The sublime sin, of a, narcissist
Remembrance of,past year’s, souvenirs
Narcissus, yearning for, moor’s tryst!

O’er lush muck, of the, mountain goats
Grows, green glory, of golden hope
On, deep despair, a, fiesta floats
Love letter, in, faith’s envelope!

They burst, at once, to an, inferno
From the hive, of hope, how honey spills
Moor kisses, zephyr, “Eu te amo!”
When Daffodils, Bloom On, Tranquil Hills!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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