That MONSTER In Mahatma’s Myth

vikas chandra

Ain’t sin, greater, than blasphemy
When ‘God’, is at, receiving end
With a legacy, of, flawed alchemy
A Divine Debauchery”, we love, to defend!

Who deified, Britons’ vow, and, Fuhrer’s lie
And called, blacks, “dirty drab,deadpan …”
Was the, same son, who left, his father, to die
Whilst, he made, wild love, to feel, like a man!

His celibacy, cost them, all their shame
Those women, who slept, with his, naked s(k)in
Feared faith, in Mahatma, and awe, of his name
Made the, Indian herd, redeem his, every sin!

A sexist, who scorned, his ‘wretched’ wife
Disgraced freedom, his charades, didn’t earn
Who betrayed, a nation’s ethos, all his life
Consigned, to Nehru, India, in treason’s urn!

Seduced, by lies, sedated, by time
A nation’s faith, in a, false megalith
Transcends, fear’s, every paradigm
That MONSTER, In, Mahatma’s Myth!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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