Those Fallen Gods Entombed In Stone

vikas chandra

At heaven’s doors stare fractured façades
From the feet, of stiffs, that had, held high, their pride
Dissolved, in the dust, of history’s charades
Lay a, dynasty’s dream, ever-petrified!

Who chose, to perch, on the, highest peak
To reign, o’er, their faithful herd
Never knew, how time, and providence seek
Their share, of fear, in ways unheard!

The foe, did loom out, of nightmare
In a blitz, took o’er, their fortified fief
The truest creed, of faith, is fear
Found, ‘immortal’ Gods, beyond belief!

Whilst herd, found faith, in the, new regime
Whose fear, reigned from, blood-baptized throne
Mortals, ain’t immortal, as they, seem
Those, Fallen Gods, Entombed, In Stone!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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