Braiding Yarns Of A Dying Dream

vikas chandra

Every farewell, ain’t, a funeral
Nor funeral, a, final farewell
Trifling, with a truth, delusional
Is the, firm faith, of an infidel!

Who is, born, from, a myth
To be, lost, in mist
In, meandering mind, musings’ megalith
Who, don’t exist, but, still persist!

Who dare, their, dreams
Die hard, with, them
God is born, when a, man blasphemes
The cult, of fear, in faith’s mayhem!

She’s, dolled-up, like a, parting wife
Whose heart, whispers, love’s, solemn requiem
As time, celebrates birth, of a, new life
Braiding Yarns, Of A, Dying Dream!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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