Do Sunnis Cry When Shias Die !!!

Faith, lasts longer, than, man’s bloodlines
Betrayed by, battles, of belief
Pious estrangement, between brothers, defines
An endless age, of, holy grief!

All’s a heresy, beyond, that legacy
Prophet decreed, to his, holy herd
Who dared, to defy, his prophecy
Are infidels, without, Shepherd!

A faith, that fears, ‘the other truth’
Slays, ‘sinful’ thought, before it’s born
Who baptized, Shia shrines, in ruth
And left, the ‘sinners’ sacrilege’, torn!

The ‘lesser souls’, who chose, new path
Are pariahs, whose doctrine, is a lie
In the face, of faith’s, ‘holy bloodbath’
Do Sunnis, Cry, When Shias, Die !!!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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