A Megalith Of Our AI Myth

Has rendered, blind, our Digital Mind
All paradigms, of, ingenuity
An enigma, time, left behind
Seems, to have found, identity!

Legend, of “Beethoven”, at last, turned ten
After ages, of, mankind’s mystique
But, can genius, of, magnificent men
Be mimicked, by an, AI geek!

Present bestowed, past, soulless present
An output, of, Digital Decibels
Missing, master’s moods, that represent
His flair, beyond, what AI, spells!

A masterpiece, of, passion and pain
Is the, lasting labor, of a ‘Lovesmith’
Not, what invents, our Digital Brain
A Megalith, Of Our, AI Myth!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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