Todays Without Yesterdays Have No Tomorrows

With a life, tethered, to the rites, of time
And existence, to a myth, that lasts
We owe, annals, present’s paradigm
We are, the legacies, of our pasts!

Who cares, to trace, their caravans
Who dare, to live, their wanderlust
History, alas, belongs to, those clans
Who choose, to decay, in dormant dust!

Who lost, their cradles, miles away
To dig, their graves, in distant lands
Their destiny, is a, castaway
Whose traces, lie erased, in time’s sands!

Their pilgrimage, will never, end
Whose present, chases, its past’s, shadows
With a, shibboleth of, cherished outrage
Todays, Without Yesterdays, Have No, Tomorrows!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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