Delusion Drips off The Lips Of Truth

Ain’t God, possessed by, Satan’s smile
Why He gapes, at Him, in utter awe
Is there, more faith, in the fear, of guile
Than perfection, in truth’s, fickle flaw!

What was, once a, lasting conjecture
Is now, a myth, dead in, truth’s tomb
By the, smoldering ash, of a, lost scripture
Wails out, new view, from time’s, worn womb!

Every Einstein, ain’t, endless prophet
Each theory, seems a, fleeting fact
Paradoxes, play, Russian Roulette
When new, slays old, in the final act!

At the shore, of, relative inertia
Shifting sand, is the, only absolute
By the, sea of, eternal enigma
Delusion Drips, off The Lips, Of Truth!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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