The Pilgrims Of Their Perdition

Lest, the angels, forget, dance of life
O’er embers, of, rituals of time
Hope held, in heart, when fears, are rife
Is joie de vivre’s, streak, sublime!

Redemption, from the, prison of past
That lasts, beyond, death of, an age
In the fief, of fear, when you feel, outcast
It’s time, for faith’s, final pilgrimage!

The caravan, of a, rootless clan
It seems, has found, that Utopia
Far away, from Caliphate, of Satan
To live, in an, ethnic inertia!

In distant lands, they farm, new dream
Disillusioned, with, old conviction
Which “Patch of Peace“, they now, redeem
The Pilgrims, Of, Their Perdition!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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