… But Sham-e In The Name Of Same Islam

Before, the last one, died, new one, began
Between two, fanatic, satanic ‘saints’
The new truth, of, cursed Afghan clan
Is an, endless war, with timeless taints!

Holier is, whose, glory of, gore
Both swear, by Allah, before carnage
Fear is, for both, faith’s metaphor
In their pride, and piety’s, ‘pilgrimage’!

Whose faith’s, caliphate, whose fear’s, emirate
Will reign, a land, that lost, its soul
To a, Cold War, then, heist of hate
Where to, live a faith, is to, pay fear’s toll!

Past has, slain future, in, present’s womb
Faith’s prophecy, is fear’s, painful qualm
What can, azaan, spread, from hope’s, tomb
But Sham-e, In The Name, Of Same Islam!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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