We Live A Holocaust Every Day

We’ve found, our new faith, in new fear
With a, disbelief in, every breath
Lingering in, ghettos, of despair
We’ve learnt, to live, each day, new death!

The requiems, of, brethren’s funeral
Reminds us, we are, next in queue
The “Chinese Curse”, is, more than real
It doesn’t spare, Christian, or a Jew!

What Hitler, got done, with gas-chambers
Jinping realized, with a, stealthy germ
Who’s more dreadful, of the, two monsters
Who made, hearts bleed, and, souls squirm!

Vaccines are, today’s vows, not tomorrows’
As the, “Chinese Death”, mutates avatars
Pfizer plays, profit-chess, with, our sorrows
Whilst, regimes scrape, new wounds, on healing scars!

“Where’s world in, Xi’s, satanic equation!”
We muse, blasé, from the coffins, where we lay
Awaiting breaths, in, death’s ration
We Live, A Holocaust, Every Day!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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