The Substance Of Our Seminal Sin

Neither need, evolved, of, our instincts
Nor creed of, stone-age, alpha-males
A polygamous species, in, precincts
Forgets, “The devil is, in details”!

A scandal, breaks, with a, woman’s claim
Baptized by her, in-arrears. glycerine tears
Media prosecutes, a name, with sponsored shame
Feminists dare to bare, phallic faith, with fears!

What was, once love, is now outrage
Who knows, who sought not, whose consent
In the, manhood’s, sexual pilgrimage
Every thought, and act, is a sacrament!

The Clintons, the Cuomos are all, but us
As well as, the Monicas, and Brittanies
In this, game of shame, called, “Sin’Stimulus”
Moral-gasms, we fear, in faith’s bikinis!

The monogamy’s myth, fails, or fulfills
Social vows, of our, sexual discipline
Lust’s Holy Grail, holds, less than, it spills
The Substance, Of Our, Seminal Sin!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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