Art Is Passion Baptized By Pain

Who stole, my soul’s, sole expression
My, fidgeting fingers’, need to be
Lest I, dare sever, my obsession
To find, how deep, is this, alchemy!

Art’s atelier, is, altar of ache
Beyond, skin’s sweat, it seeks, heart’s gore
How else, you make, beauty’s keepsake
Magnificence’s, immortal, metaphor!

The angst, to discern, the unseen realm
Thru the, blindfold of, by-hearted belief
When, delusions dare, to overwhelm
The footing, of my, figments’ fief!

What lasts, at last, is a pilgrimage
Of a, fear profound, and a, faith profane
How sublime, is, splendor’s outrage
Art, Is Passion, Baptized, By Pain!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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