Those Tombs America Leaves Behind

…, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, …
Goes on, and on, list of conquests
When, you have, guns, dollar$, who can
Contest, your ‘tactical’, blood-fests!

How many fears, add up, to a war
In the equation, of your, forbearance
Communism, jihad, …, which evil furor
Dares, your democracy’s, ‘dominance’!

Who dares, to probe, your war-ghettos
Where, sadist sergeants, outrage souls
Why world, sits quiet, whilst, everyone knows
American wars, are, hate’s hyperboles!

In trillion$, they lament, the cost
Of the war, for ‘peace’, they have ravaged
Mean Messiahs, of, Utopias. lost
Daren’t declare, the ethos, they savaged!

Live relics, of, vain, death ‘epics’
Scream out, to them, who play, stone-blind
Bloody polemics, of, war-politics
Those Tombs, America, Leaves Behind!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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