Under Soulful Shade Of That Tamarind Tree

Was it, to be, a beautiful tryst
Of, two distinctive, paradigms
One reason, for two, to exist
Until, I left, its shade, for dimes!

A stray seed, by my, little boulevard
Was all, it took, to rise, to a spree
Dreams, ain’t harvested, in orchard
But born, in the fist, of mystery!

Raw-ripe, sweet-sour, panacea, it fed
To immortal boy, who refused, to die
Till, seminal seed, of, manhood bred
A man, who forgot, life’s truth, for a lie!

That moksh, I’d left, for this, mortal fief
Until, death redeemed, our chemistry
My faith, outlasted me, beyond belief
Under, Soulful Shade, Of That, Tamarind Tree!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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