Burn Your Pounds To Bake Your Bread

A legacy lost, to the, prison of past
Lest a dream, be lost, to oblivion
Lebanon, is a lie, born to outlast
Its misery’s, self-made, dimension!

In this, dwindling, delusional, dystopia
Life lingers, on, limited ration
Many ciphers, add up, to this, inertia
Lead by, politics of, stagnation!

Todays ain’t, promises, of tomorrows
In this, endless epic, of inconsequence
O’er, smoldering streets, scream, stark shadows

Ayatollah’s, faith-fief; French, colonial belief
Lebanon ain’t, owned by, its own ethos
But, by the enigma, of, its overwhelming grief
That lives, to lament, its longlost cause!

Have you, found faith in, a debauched billionaire
Or a, new fear, for future, instead
Thru the dark, frigid nights, of, lasting nightmare
Burn Your Pounds, To Bake, Your Bread!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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