Where Cedars End, My Home Begins …

The towering truths, of, verdant bliss
Beside, myth of, my trivial tomb
An age, that filled, evolution’s abyss
Took life, away, from nativity’s womb!

Amidst two worlds, did I, find solace
In ebbing greens, by the edge, of insolence
Life lingers, on, inertia’s isthmus
In pretense, of our, ‘evolved’ existence!

I squat, atop, a dead fowl’s, egg
With the glory, of my, history
A dying dream, on its, last leg
Won’t hatch, by, human effrontery!

It’s not, to my cradle, I return
But, intellectual quest, of my origins
Did I, find peace, in my, holy urn
Where, Cedars End, My Home Begins … !

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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