A Walk O’er Electric Moon

Under melting mirth, of the, copper-sky
Where stood, their, wandering caravan
Fiery magpie, kissed a, lovelorn rabbi
Lasting shadows, of a, lingering clan!

The long-lost, legacy, of a lore
Still dares, to defy, rituals of time
Music, is a, mortal metaphor
Of beauty’s, immortal, paradigm!

No viewers, for these, cynosures
Besides, the bleeding, twilight sun
On forlorn street, a dream, conjures
Lost glory, in throes, of passion!

When twilight twirls, to twisting, strings
O’er, smoldering sparks, dances monsoon
Pilgrimage, begins, of spent yearnings
In A, Walk O’er, Electric Moon!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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