Don’t You Dare Dictate Our Truths To Us !!!

Lo and Behold! An Alchemist, Found!
One of many, who reign, thoughts’ fief
Evolved Evangelist, with, piety profound
Who knows, our ‘flaws’, beyond belief!

These thinkers, of the, ‘rational’ race
Who sell vogue, of their, ‘mean’ monologues
Are Façades, of God, o’er Satan’s face
Who prove, you’re a lie, o’er, ‘rogue’ dialogues!

Sponsored, by, corporate syndicate
And propagandists, of, political clique
They outrage us, when, they motivate
Our ‘worthlessness’, with their, words’ mystique!

Offshoots of, world’s, intellectual vacuum
Born inertia, of our, paralyzed minds
O’er dead spring, blooms, autumn’s mushroom
We are, what our, redemption finds!

We ain’t, guinea pigs, of your, pride’s prejudice
Nor pawns, of your, prized, business nexus
You’re the making, of our, myths’ malice
Don’t You, Dare Dictate, Our Truths, To Us !!!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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