Love Is The Only Hue Of Heart

That, squirming shroud, we call, our skin
Two yards, measuring, pride and prejudice
The lasting sin, of, our ethnic origin
Is the, shade of, our self-worth, and malice!

Baptized Black, by, blessed, tears of sun
Or White, by melting, moorland’s care
Turns out, to be, the only dimension
That lays our, ingrained, bigotry bare!

How a race, enslaved, a ‘lesser’ race
And a, trivial isle, colonized, whole world
Since Black man, never ever, learnt to face
Racial myths, on his, pity’s tomb, hurled!

In spite, of the politics, of skin-shades
A realm, still lives, two worlds apart
Deep down, beyond, cultural crusades
Love Is, The Only, Hue Of Heart!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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