How I Long To Be The Loneliest Isle

Where ends, the myth, of existence
There quest, for, nirvana begins
Light-years, away from, prized pretense
I hear, no herds, of empty tins!

Amidst, orgies of, lovelorn pelicans
Who cherish, to death, my forlorn fling
I’ve aged, o’er, many unknown eons
To be, time’s tomb, worth reprising!

Where mermaids, bathe in, moon’s first mist
There stands, the shrine of, beauty and bliss
Born out, of sin, of trinity’s tryst
Love fills, life’s lust, in my, heart’s abyss!

Winds whisper, where, liaisons with squall
Spring’s birth, from the womb, of fall fertile
Lest a dream, die away, in my, soul’s recall
How I Long, To Be, The Loneliest Isle!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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