Iran Is A Satanic Satire

Still faith, is here, façade of fear
Albeit, a more, fanatical one
Baptized by, fatwa, of a, lunatic seer
And the blood, he spilled, of many, a son!

Here a blight, is faith, since 1979
A fever, whose fervor, is this, land’s ethos
That Ayatollah, seems, far benign
Who farms, her fear, with his, faith’s pathos!

Where henchmen, hangmen, … rule the roost
Bread, sells for blood, blood, sells for bread
They spread, fear, not faith, who dream, to boost
Hegemony as, Muslim Messiahs, purebred!

A puppet, and pawn, of, Ayatollah’s plan
Looms o’er, to baptize, by fire
A fief, of faith, decreed by, fear’s clan
Iran Is, A Satanic, Satire!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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