The Geisha Girl And The Kamikaze

It was, last spring, of, second World War
When bled, martyrs, more than, sakuras
Thru, Ai’s window, Akio, when swore
“Marry me, lest, I end, this impasse…

…in the, inferno of, war’s furore
Where I fall, on foes, like hellfire”
“Not a Geisha, I wish, I were, a whore
Not my, Madam’s doll, just your desire”!

That half-tryst, was their, last adieu
When love, looked like, a distant dream
Kamikaze, is better, than seppuku
For a lover, and patriot, to redeem!

She heard, her firefly, did keep, his word
When he kissed, war’s flames, on a, Valentine’s day
How long, could she bear, love, unmartyred
She bled, her way, to where, the trinity, blurred
And ended, faith and, fear’s melee
Their souls, married, where, it mattered
The Geisha Girl, And The, Kamikaze!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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