Digging Darkness Of Their Souls

“Now brace, for the reign, of Satan’s sons
Bondage, is our truth, myth is freedom”
Who dared, to dream, in the shadows, of guns
Now learn, to fear, faith’s fanaticism!

In a land, baptized by, blood each day
Past’s truths, present’s lies, futures’ fears, abound
Men play, gory-games, whilst women, pay
The price, of their hate, with a pain, profound!

An ethos, dies in, massacred schools
Where, Taliban shrouds, its daughters’ fates
With sharia-decreed, machismo’s rules
In, caliphate of hate, their faith, creates!

A soulless world, and, spineless régimes
Fidget, with peace, and hope’s, ‘hyperboles’
Women lay out, the funerals, of their dreams
By Digging, Darkness, Of Their Souls!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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