When We Were Born From Cipher’s Womb

Between, cosmic twins, and trinity
A riot, broke out, many light years, ago
Was it, Divinity’s quest, for infinity
To redeem, from inertia, joie de vivre’s vow!

Beyond our belief, was our, beginning’s flagrant fest
When Divine, manifested, as matter, space, and time
Amidst forms, of existence, a sublime, conquest
Which shaped, our faith, and fear’s paradigm!

From nihility, to probability, to alive ethos
We’ve sailed, thru a sea, of impossibilities
To an isle, of faith, from fear’s chaos
Spent, in searching, alien societies!

Confounded by, our evolution, in this universe
We are estranged, with our, cosmic tomb
We were meant, to dare, our dream’s frontiers
When, We Were Born, From Cipher’s Womb!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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