The Zephyr That Blasphemed The Spring

A rationed being, in a, bounteous yard
Had lingered on, in a, restless quest
For that orgy, beyond, her Lord’s boulevard
Where hearts, spill sin, in love-conquest!

She chased, the forlorn, magpie’s song
To the loch, where lovelorn swans, broke vow
How could, monogamy, ever go, wrong
Between love, and lust, who’s holier-than-thou!

She found, her solace, in a storm
Who redeemed, the creed, of her, yearning’s need
From a faith’s, frigid night, to a, shame’s shroud, warm
She dared fear, with sin, in a sacrament, to be freed!

Who chose, to be her, storm’s wild wind
Has left, far behind, heart’ ache, soul’s sting
Not an, estranged nothing, since, she has sinned
The Zephyr, That Blasphemed, The Spring!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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