A Virgin Wound Of Chastity

“If not, for this, moral sacrament
Our world, would be, bare brothel now!”
My father, feted me, like a, daily Lent
So I, too took pride, in my virginal vow!

He owned me, and my, celibacy
To be gifted, to my, Destiny’s Lord
May God, forbid, my heresy
Lest I, ever blaspheme, two men’s, accord!

His faith, was my fear, of forbidden sin
Oft, I felt that, woman’s shroud, underneath, Satan’s seat
Caressing, clitoral curse, purity’s, pristine skin
Is hymen, men’s triumph, and, womankind’s defeat!

“Nature, blessed us, with, honor’s onus”
Was my mother, a ‘mean,’ moral-martyr
Baptized, every month, by blood, Jesus
Never, begrudged, Cross of, Lucifer!

I lost, it all, in a, phallic tryst
Bloody coup, of, my identity
What left, behind, holy heist
A Virgin, Wound Of, Chastity!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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