Those Forgotten Farms Of Fear

At the mercy, of politics, is pain
Which, baptizes, its ethnic trait
After 106 years, ain’t, more than profane
US, wakes up to, holocaust of hate!

The quest, for the gene, of genocides
Leads us, to spent, conquests of creed
Wherein bigotry, of a race, decides
Whose heads, will roll, whose hearts, will bleed!

“Better late, than never” doesn’t help, human cause
Biden, stinks of, global impotence
More than, Ottoman, hegemony’s flaws
Armenians, died of, ethnic indifference!

Propaganda is, best inked, with gore
Pain is, most divine, in faith’s veneer
Martyrdom grows, like a, mean metaphor
In Those, Forgotten Farms, Of Fear!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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