I Am My Own Sovereign Nation

Born from, the womb, of a, pregnant dream
To be possessed, by a, land’s ethos
Soul reigned, by faith, heart, by a régime
A citizen, was born, to bear, nationalist cross!

Beyond a face, on permits, and passport
And a vote, to buy, mean manifestos
Lest I sell, my being, in a life, left short
To the debt, of soil, faith’s fear, bestows!

Why let, providence, play with me, dice
In the herd, of a, surrogate republic
Why should, soul pay, a political price
Of an, existence, very politic!

Since I chose, to live, in my heart’s, own fief
Never ever on, tax-paid, red-taped ration
Beyond a state, freedom is a, stubborn belief
I Am, My Own, Sovereign Nation!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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