In Scavenging A Black Man’s Death

In a diction, of, two convictions
One, in the piety, of Black skin
Other, of an, ethnic aberration
How fair, is it, to shade a sin!

Have Blacks, not learnt, to matter still
Who harp, on about, new apartheid
And live, to swill, pity’s poison pill
Vain Christs, love to be, crucified!

“What shade, is death, when a, non-black dies”
Ask those, who exalt, ethnic hypocrisy
Who annihilate, the state, o’er a pyre, of lies
Demolish ethos, of a, democracy!

Whose eyes, can’t see, beyond shallow shades
On graffitied walls, with, spent shibboleths
Renegades parade, crusade, of charades
In Scavenging, A Black Man’s, Death!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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