A Sin Shrouded In A 2 Yard Skin

Who made, a faith, of that fear, called shame
And flair, of man’s, seminal despair
In the, pride, prejudice, and piety’s game
Who bares more, and who’s, laid more bare!

In the prison, of her, cherished anatomy
Between mammary, and, clitoral curse
In the throes, of, sensual alchemy
Beyond heresy, is this, satanic verse!

Lost in, vanity’s vows, a ritualized life
Intellect’s outrage, feminism’s delight
In fidelity’s bed, squirms, infidel wife
In the heist, of a, hypocrite!

Troy bled, more than, Helen’s menses
When love paid, for lust, in gallons, of gore
For a mistress, of, many pretenses
Sacrifice is, machismo’s, metaphor!

The lasting seed, of the, phallic creed
A puritan’s joy, prostitute’s chagrin
Of her sacrament, never wants, to be freed
A Sin Shrouded, In A, 2 Yard Skin!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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