To Break Free From The Prison Of Past

May we, ever redeem, from the, throes of time
Whose legacy, we chose, to become
The sum, of each, faux paradigm
Which makes, and breaks, our realism!

Our faiths, our fears, farmed, o’er endless years
Pay the, political price, of history
We’re pawns, in the hands, of auctioneers
Who’re alchemists, of, time’s chemistry!

Every shade, of our, ethnic pursuit
Each dimension, of, its conquest
Are our truths, more than, absolute
When, handed over, in bequest!

Dare we breach, the myth, of our making
Our faith, fostered, to ever last
For a dream, every fear, is, worth forsaking
To Break Free, From The, Prison Of Past!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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