The Catacomb Of Expressionism

Thoughts seek, these days, festooned façades
Not that, substance, of profundity
In banal bazaars, where, trade charades
In their corners, screams, solemnity!

They have, a stupored, soul to believe
Truths are, what impressions, dictate
What’s left, for them, but to conceive
Those myths, they create, what to illustrate!

Intellectualism, seems a, mad rat-race
All ‘thinkers’, wage, their own, ‘conquests’
Thoughts, are pillaged, in, digital disgrace
Literature’s loss, cynicism, manifests!

God forbid, Shakespeare sees, this fray
A billion minds, skimming, sensationalism
From the shore, of sea, that unmined lay
By The, Catacomb Of, Expressionism!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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