Learn Algebra To Earn Your Bread … !

Still, makes me cringe, squeal of blackboard
When a chalk, flirted, with its, stupored soul
“Life, won’t yield living, if it cannot, afford
A place, for you, in, pedantic pigeonhole”!

Long comprehensions, short equations
Satires seem, those, conjectures
Which buy, for me, monthly rations
As I add, to death, savings’ ciphers!

It was, all well, until nursery rhymes
Paved, my childhood, with novelty
What followed, next, were paradigms
That trounced, to dust, ingenuity!

I’m caught, in the prison, of my paradox
My ‘wisdom’, slayed me, shred by shred
A ‘heretic’ dream, by harangue, orthodox
“Learn Algebra, To Earn, Your Bread … !”

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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