When We Drenched Our Souls In The Tears Of Sun

By a, myriad feet, baptized in dust
When the heavens, blessed, our trinity
Little hearts, of clay, and wanderlust
Left hearths, to chase, down infinity!

Whose feral fury, fueled our dreams
And gave, us rainbows, and our rains
Redeems that, cosmic myth, it seems
Beauty is, a truth, that ever remains!

Cheeky chutzpah, not, a paper shred
Was the kite, that kissed, his fiery fief
A pilgrim, tied to, faith’s, rosary-thread
Was in, child’s mind, an awe, beyond belief!

For hearts, unspent, the chase, didn’t end, at twilight’s trysts
Immortal, was that life, seeking, no reason
We weren’t, fate’s pawns, but, faith’s alchemists
When We Drenched, Our Souls, In The Tears, Of Sun!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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