Still Night Is There …

Still Night Is There …

To bare, our souls, until, we are spent;
Shroud naked myths, from the, virgin kids
Life’s substance, beyond, being’s sacrament
Whilst we lust, for sins, faith’s fear forbids!

To devour, darkest truths, of the, starkest lies
And measure, infidel love, with insolence
O’er trysts, with, flirting fireflies
Who’ll martyr us, with their, nonchalance!

To baptize, spent shame, with, vanity’s, new name
And invent, a faith, unfettered from fear
Between, two realms, soul’s, flickering flame
Is an inferno, too hard, to bear!

To warp end, to, infinite dimension;
Make mortal life, an, immortal affair
And death, a beautiful, phenomenon
Lest the, dawn break, with, day’s new despair
Still Night Is There, Still Night Is There … !

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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