Who Sowed The Seeds Of This Outrage !

Burn more candles, for the gore, that spilled
From Asian veins, by a, ‘vain’ white man
American Dream, is the myth, that was killed
By the bullet, of a, cynical clan!

Ask Jinping, since Biden, knows nothing
Who wreaked, on world, this coronal scourge
Red hate, at the heart, of this uprising
On republic tombs, sings, socialist dirge!

Neither black, nor white, hate has, no hue
It’s an, ethnopolitical, propaganda
Even God, has too, a Satanic view
When fear, delivers faith, its coup d’état!

How can, they hide, their ‘Chinese Eyes’
Who are haunted, by this, ethnic rage
Biden, sells myths, Jinping, trades lies
Who Sowed, The Seeds, Of This, Outrage!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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