Putin’s Conquest, Or, Trojan Horse, Of The West

Lest you flaunt, your lion, in glass cage
You snared, with, Socialist Stratagem
Do brace, for the blitzkrieg, of outrage
Since the, cost of freedom, is mayhem!

A sentence, by, Putin’s Poison-Pen
Alas, was the, Russian ignominy
When rose, from dust, Democracy’s Doyen
Navalny, seems to be, Russia’s destiny!

Will façade of, democratic tyranny, break
And the Cold War, end, with Putin’s fall
On Navalny’s win, West now, bets its stake
Scrapes, Putin’s requiem, on Kremlin’s wall!

Wouldn’t Russia know, how Troy, was lost
Whilst it rejoiced, to death, its vanity’s fest
Would Russia win, but at, what cost
Putin’s Conquest, Or, Trojan Horse, Of The West!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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